History of the Early LEarning Center


The Cape Eleuthera Early Learning Center was founded in the fall of 2013 with pioneer students aged 2-6 years old from our growing community of staff and faculty pre-school and primary school children. The ELC has expanded to accept children from 2-10 years old and from the local communities of South Eleuthera.

The ELC follows the same principles, of experiential education and outdoor learning, as the Island School and Deep Creek Middle School. 

The learning and teaching at the Early Learning Center is in honor of the memory of our young friend Christopher M. Morris, Jr. from Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina, who loved fishing, boating, and exploring at Cape Eleuthera with his parents and grandparents.

Our Staff

A typical day at the ELC















Early Drop-Off

Outdoor Play or Soft Start Activities

Morning Meeting - Overview of day’s activities and expectations, National Anthem and Prayer


Adventure & Exploration

Indoor Activities



Quiet Time:

Pre-schoolers: Nap Time or Quiet Independent activities to develop fine motor skills, letter and sound recognition and cognitive skills.  

School-aged children: Structured program of work that includes literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing, science and social studies. This is a combination of individual activities and group work.

After School Program

Final Pick Up Time

As part of the wider community of the Island School and Cape Eleuthera Institute, the ELC benefits from unique learning experiences with the opportunity to explore all areas of campus. By taking the classroom outdoors, our daily adventures and exploration takes us to many locations on campus. Some examples include: the farm, Cape Eleuthera Institute, Center for Sustainable Development, the boathouse, beach, ocean, the mangroves and the forest.



The ELC curriculum is being developed to reflect the unique learning opportunities available to our students. The teachers use daily observations and formative assessment in the areas of Exploration, Literacy, Numeracy, Wellbeing, Cognitive Development, Physical Development, Science and Life Skills to monitor students progress and inform next steps.